Looks Like Nicki Minaj Dumped Meek Mill's Ass

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I hate to say I told you so, but I kind of hinted in a recent Dirt Bag that things with Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill seemed to be on the fritz (I mean, come on: the guy said they’re “feeling each other out” when asked how the relationship is going.) And if Nicki’s not-so-subtle Twitter and Instagram posts as of late are any indication, they are.

Decipher these—sort of the social media equivalent of looking like a dime while you step over your ex who’s just tripped and fallen down to the sidewalk in a pair of stained and ripped sweatpants—as you will; and consider also (or just play on repeat) Young Money’s “Lookin Ass,” starring Minaj, which is not a breakup anthem per se but definitely takes aim (no pun intended) at men who dare mess with Nicki’s kingdom.


Kim Kardashian is struggling to conceive a second time, and declares on an upcoming episode of KUWTK that she’s “like, so over it” (‘it’ being the IVF process, I’m assuming) to a docile-looking gynecologist, who responds by blinking back with that “I’m on a reality show right now but don’t want to get sued” look. [Us Weekly]

Meanwhile, Ki’s teenaged half-sisters Kylie and Kendall are afraid of getting old, which is the equivalent of a person who lives in the desert and has never seen the ocean say they’re afraid of drowning. In particular, it seems to be a numbers game: Kylie is quoted as saying she’s “scared of the day she turns 19.” And “any second, Kendall will be 20.” Seriously—it’s petrifying. [E!]

•Kardashians, kontinued. Not surprising: Khloe Kardashian in a skintight dress. Weird/surprising: Khloe Kardashian at BookCon and/or reading a book. [Mirror]

•Here’s Rihanna being Rihanna at an art gallery. [Daily Mail]

Kendra Wilkinson will cut a bitch if you fuck with her man. So don’t. [Bossip]

50 Cent thinks Tidal is bullshit. [The Wrap]

Scott Stapp has a wife (?), will appear on an upcoming VH1 reality show. (Sorry, guys; Sunday is a slow news day.) [Loudwire]

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