Lucy Is Slaying Hercules at the Box Office This Weekend


It looks like this weekend, more people preferred to watch a sci-fi thriller with a woman lead over a testosterone-fueled mythical action flick. Or maybe they were just into Scarlett Johansson more than they were into Dwane “The Rock” Johnson. Or maybe it’s just unfair to compare the work of Luc Besson to that of Brett Ratner (b-b-but Rush Hour!) Either way, Lucy came out on top this weekend, and that’s some great news.

Lucy is set to make $35 million this weekend (it had a budget of $40 million) while Hercules (with a budget of $100 million) is estimated to rake in $26-29 million. While neither compare to female-led franchise giants like Hunger Games or even Divergent, Lucy‘s is another step in the right direction for action films starring women.

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