Mainline This Fleabag Trailer to My Veins!


There are many reasons I lament living in New York instead of London, but the main one is that the Brits make the best television shows and it takes like six months for them to show up stateside, if they do at all. (I know there is some way to juke the country codes, but I do not have time for all of that.) So the second season of Fleabag, the utterly brilliant Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s sharply clever tragicomedy, has already aired in Britain, and I beseech all my UK friends, before it comes back to Amazon: NO SPOILERS, PLEASE!

In this trailer, it seems like our hero Fleabag is coping with her shitty actions last season, swearing off sex (highly doubtful!) and attempting to mature in ways that seem imperative for adulthood, but are never all that fun. Also returning is Academy Award winner (!) Olivia Coleman with her own signature wit, and I cannot wait for this shit to drop. On May 17, catch me in my living room binging!

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