Man Arrested for Tagging Up Town With Sasquatch Graffiti


The name: Freeman Hatch. The crime: covering a small town in Maine with Bigfoot graffiti.

Sasquatch had been reportedly seen all over the coastal town of Kennebunk, but these particular kinds of cryptid sightings were all related to spray paint. Authorities, who charged the 36-year-old man with criminal mischief and drug possession, were not amused. “These markings deface public and private property, costing time and money to repair or replace,” said Kennebunk Police Chief Robert MacKenzie.

The Bigfoot markings had been appeared throughout the town in past year, reports WCSH-6. “I think that’s a big reason why this stood out because we don’t have a huge problem with graffiti, so when something like this pops up, everybody catches notice,” said Police Lt. Eric O’Brien. After a tag appeared on a historical sign, police posted a callout for information on Facebook, which ultimately led to Hatch. He is due in court in November.

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Image via Universal Pictures.

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