Man Punches Woman For Cutting Him Off in McDonald's Drive-Thru Lane


A 68-year-old man punched a woman who reportedly cut him off in the drive-thru lane at a McDonald’s in Winter Haven, Florida, according to police.

Howard Carl Wilson was in one of the double drive-thru lanes that admittedly always seem to be a powder keg of confusion (IS IT MY TURN? SHOULD I GO? IS SHE GOING? YOU GO. NO YOU GO. OK I’M GOING. OH GOD SHE JUST WENT.) I’ve never been a fan. However, that doesn’t excuse what Wilson allegedly did when he thought someone took his turn in the drive-thru lane.

Wilson was caught on camera punching the woman and hurling racial slurs at her, according to the New York Daily News.

Thinking he was being cut up, Wilson got out to confront the vehicle’s occupants. Opening up the passenger door, he allegedly started yelling racial slurs and curse words at Brittani Thomas. And at one point, footage purportedly shows him punching her through the open window.
Officers turned up at his home and Wilson initially claimed he was only out and at the car for 15 seconds.But when showed the clip, he admitted the situation was much more than he’d recalled and that he felt “It was like a road rage incident.”

Wilson was arrested, charged with simple battery and later released.

This is second incident in less than a week of an over-the-top road raging asshole getting caught on camera and going viral. So people, please stop getting worked up over ridiculous shit on the road—or in drive thru lanes. It’s just not worth it.

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