Marc Jacobs Owns Up To Posting That Butt Pic


Earlier this week, Marc Jacobs accidentally posted a naked selfie of his butt to Instagram with the enthusiastic caption, “It’s yours to try!” The photo immediately disappeared, but not before lurkers with lightning fingers screencapped the moment, preserving it for all Intern-eternity. The fashion designer has now owned up to his social media faux pas, confirming the incident in a comment thread on his Instagram.

“Yeah. I accidentally posted a pic of my bare ass and took it down,” wrote Jacobs in the comments, shown in a screencap from Paper Magazine. “I was flirting with someone I met on Instagram. Meant to send it by DM. Oops, my mistake. I apologize to anyone it offended. I’m a gay man. I flirt and chat with guys online sometimes. BIG DEAL!”

Big deal, indeed. Anyway, he’ll probably get the hang of sending Insta-nudes in no time.

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