Mary J. Blige and Disclosure Were Really Good on Kimmel Last Night

Let me be honest: I didn’t really see it for a Mary J. Blige comeback. Here’s one case in which I’m happy to have been wrong.

“F for You” dropped last year, but momentum behind Disclosure doesn’t seem to be settling (heh) in the States, and Blige is on a slow grind to promote her new album, The London Sessions. Disclosure doesn’t really do it for me because I am a UK garage snob and I find them to be lacking a proper vibe, but the energy these teeny baby boys are giving Blige is undeniable. And after a few years of songs of wildly varying quality and last year’s ominous Christmas album, here it’s apparent that all Blige was really looking for was a better BPM. She seems happier and more excited to be on a stage than she has in quite some time—as a Blige fan, longer than I care to remember, to be honest—on freaking Jimmy Kimmel, for chrissakes. She seems to know she’s got the wind beneath her wings, reborn as a house diva like god and Club Jesus intended. The juiced-up pogo with the tell-it vocals at the end? It’s a new world, MJB. Go get it.

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