Matthew McConaughey Saves Earth in New Movie, Possibly Also IRL

The latest trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar just dropped and Matthew McConaughey is in tip-top Matthew McConaughey shape.

As Deadline reports, there have been questions about what this dramatic space movie is even about, which is obviously a tertiary concern when considering a film starring Matthew McConaughey and his newly self-assured costar Anne Hathaway, but a valid one nonetheless. Based on what can be gleaned on this riveting bit of film, Matthew McConaughey’s character flies into space, climbs a volcano, battles a wave so large he first confuses it with a mountain, and guides Anne Hathaway out of said wave (to safety? One must see the movie to know for sure)—all in the service of saving humanity, including you and I, mortal humans. Including you and I.

As for Matthew McConaughey, he takes his lot seriously, as seriously as an Oscar Award-winning actor and emblem for classic American rugged individualism can be. “Our mission does not work if the people on earth are dead by the time we pull it off,” says Matthew McConaughey, in a tone slightly less serious than his sensual Lincoln commercial voice. It can also be applied to his acting career. He is awesome, he is a force, he is our light and savior. He is Matthew. Matthew McConaughey.

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