Mayflies Invade Bridge in Central Illinois, End Of Days Imminent 


Grab your can opener and head for the nearest bomb shelter. The mayflies have come for us, and as far as I’m concerned, they may as well be locusts.

NBC Chicago reports that a thick swarm of the little beasts has commandeered a bridge in Havana, Illinois. They enshrouded pavement and vehicles alike, creating hazardous conditions for drivers.

The bridge, which crosses the Illinois River, eventually amassed a six inch pile of squished mayflies, rendering the road slippery and profoundly disgusting.

The bugs also took prisoner a Havana Police Department squad car.

According to police, the mayflies have already caused multiple motorcycle accidents. Cars have also become stuck in the middle of the bridge. On Monday morning, the Havana Police Department posted a warning to commuters on its Facebook page, noting the dangerous, buggy conditions.

Mayflies live underwater until the atmospheric temperature is conducive to mating. Then they emerge like tiny, winged sea monsters, procreate aggressively—thus the impenetrable swarms—and die after a few days.

Video and Screengrabs via YouTube.

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