Meet Danielle Staub's Lesbian Lover


Danielle Staub debuted her “girl-on-girl duet” with “dyke diva” Lori Michaels last night on Watch What Happens. (She refers to the song as a “wet-and-juicy lullaby.”) More shocking than her newly revealed sexuality was that Danielle has a good voice!

Earlier in the show, Danielle told host Andy Cohen that the song is about “alotta lady lovin’.” Later, when he asked Danielle if she and Lori are “together,” she was verbally coy, but overt in her body language. This morning, though, she referred to Lori as her “GF” on Twitter. So either she’s dating Lori, or pretending to date Lori. But if it is a big scam to sell this song, I think that Danielle actually believes her own lies so this is a very real relationship, if only in her own mind.

Her sex life stopped being astonishing a while ago, but the fact that she has a good singing voice was totally surprising. She sang “Real Close” live last night (no auto-tune, no lip-syncing), and the girl can carry a tune. The song has a total George Michael “Father Figure” vibe to it.

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