Meet "Princess Boy" & His Awesome Family


“I like to dress up in different kinda clothes, and jewelry,” says Dyson, age 5. He especially likes to dress up like a princess.

Luckily for Dyson, his mom, dad and brother all just want him to be happy — so they don’t care that he’s into pink, sequins and things that sparkle.

The problem, of course, is at school and at stores. When Dyson goes shopping with his mom, people often laugh when he likes dresses and pink heels. Before Halloween, Dyson’s teacher called everyone in the school and informed them all that Dyson would be a Princess Boy. Some of the most “macho” employees at school dressed as ballet dancers, in a show of support for Dyson.

With all the terrible teen suicides and gay bullying around us right now, it’s so nice to hear a happy, positive spin on a boy who is different. In the words of Dyson’s older brother:”If he’s happy, I’m happy.”

Dyson’s mom, Cheryl Kilodavis, has written a book called My Princess Boy, which she hopes can be used as an anti-bullying tool. Heartwarming, worth-your-while clip below.

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Family Embraces “Princess Boy” [KING 5]

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