Meet The Wit Who Wrote About "Fat Chicks" At Johns Hopkins


Greg Sgammato wrote a piece mocking “fat chicks” (or, in his words, “elephants” and “wildebeests”) for the Johns Hopkins News-Letter. Now you can see the face of this witty social critic — and his News-Letter partner in crime.

Sgammato’s “observations” — “While seeing a hot chick in only her underwear is undoubtedly a treat, seeing a blimp without the welcome shield of clothing is a much worse fate for everyone at the party” — have already prompted a kinda-sorta apology from the News-Letter. See, Sgammato’s critique of “fat chicks” for wearing skimpy clothes/going to parties/drinking/existing was satire, even though it wasn’t funny, and, as Hortense pointed out, it “isn’t too far off from the type of nasty comments that women are faced with regularly in society.” For those of us who don’t go to Hopkins, Sgammato has been just another obscure source of such comments, named but not known. But now we’ve decided to post the pictures a tipster sent to us, so you can put a face to Sgammato’s name — and to his misogynist brand of humor.

Above, he’s hanging out with some buddies — and wearing your standard-issue smartass collegiate-type shirt, but in given his recent work, it’s considerably less amusing (that is, if you ever thought it amusing to begin with).

Below you’ve got Sgammato with Javier Avitia, author of the insightful Banging under the influence: The ups and downs, also in the News-Letter (highlight: “For guys, the appeal of this is obvious: it cuts out the hassle of having to pretend to care about a relationship and the protocols of a thing called “courtship” if they want to sleep with a girl, it gives them an excuse to think with the other head, and, as many a study has shown, girls become more submissive when intoxicated while men conversely become more emboldened”).

And here are both Sgammato and Avitia with News-Letter editor-in-chief Lily Newman.

Just to be clear, we didn’t post these pictures in order to mock the appearance of Sgammato as he mocked those of his fellow students. Think of them more as a pictorial reminder, to college newspaper writers and to would-be opinionators everywhere: don’t be THAT guy.

Update: A commenter tells us Sgammato’s t-shirt was part of a Johns Hopkins campaign to reduce drinking, and was handed out in the university quad.

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