Meghan and the Royal Family Are Reportedly Scrambling to Convince Her Father to Attend the Big Wedding

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There are some 90 hours left until Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tie the knot in Westminster Abbey, and this week’s news that the bride’s ailing father, Thomas, suddenly decided not to attend has reportedly thrown the previously happy couple—as well as the Royal Family at large—into full-blown chaos mode.

The Brits had “elaborate plans” for Thomas, including “a security detail…along with accommodations and access to various events.” Not to mention the fact that he was apparently going to walk his daughter down the [very long] aisle. (Her mother Doria is rumored to be taking Thomas’s place, but some people are betting that Meghan will walk the lonely road alone. Delusional monsters are claiming she’ll be walking alongside Prince Charles.)

The Daily Mail writes that Meghan is pleading “with her father to change his mind,” and that Harry is “devastated.” The covers of most British tabloids Tuesday morning were chronicling the Thomas-related tumult, but a lot can happen in four days. Maybe Mr. Markle will change his mind.

Side note: Good Morning America did a segment this morning about Meghan and Harry flipping their lids over Thomas’s decision to back out of the wedding, but have since deleted all tweets and videos of the piece from the internet. Think an entity that rhymes with Shmuckingbam Chalice got a little mad? (Note that Paula is linking to a tweet that no longer exists.)

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