Meghan Markle Faces Anthrax Scare 


Police are reportedly investigating a racist letter containing suspicious white powder, sent to Meghan Markle; fortunately tests revealed it wasn’t actually anthrax, but it would be extremely understandable if that didn’t make Markle feel entirely better.

The Evening Standard reported on the mail, received February 12:

Scotland Yard is investigating after a letter containing white powder purporting to be anthrax was sent to Meghan Markle at Kensington Palace.
The letter, addressed to her and fiancé Prince Harry and understood to contain a racist message, led to a security scare, with specialists rushed in to check the powder.

This is apparently the second such recent package—the Evening Standard notes that around the same time, Parliament got one, reportedly for Home Secretary Amber Rudd, and the police are looking into whether there’s any connection. Of course the letter never actually reached Markle, because this is exactly why the royals don’t get to do basic stuff like sort their own mail. She isn’t officially a royal yet, but Markle has already been enfolded into their extremely thorough security:

The anthrax scare is the first security alert surrounding Harry’s fiancée, who will become an official member of the royal family after the wedding but already has 24-hour protection.
She has been assigned a team from the Met’s royalty and specialist protection command.

Cheers to the moving human brick wall that will surround Meghan on all her forthcoming engagements.

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