Meghan McCain Manages to Make the Suffering of Migrant Children About Her, Somehow

Meghan McCain Manages to Make the Suffering of Migrant Children About Her, Somehow
Screenshot:The View

You’ve got to hand it to her: She’s consistent about being monstrous!

Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • On The View, Meghan McCain was outraged that anyone would refer to the border detention facilities—where children are living in squalor, being denied adequate medical treatment, and left to care for other children—as “torture facilities” because she’s been to a real torture facility: the Hanoi Hilton, where her father—John McCain, in case you forgot—was tortured during the Vietnam War. When co-host Suny Hostin accused her of getting caught up in semantics, McCain shot back, “Well, my father couldn’t lift me above his head as a child because of his torture wounds.” Okay. Cool to know that no one other than her father has suffered at the hands of a cruel government.
  • The White House blocked the House Oversight Committee’s request that Kellyanne Conway testify before Congress regarding allegations that she violated the Hatch Act. [Washington Post]
  • Elizabeth Warren has a new plan to increase election security and implement automatic and same-day voter registration. [Vox]
  • Betsy Devos is getting sued over the incompetence of the Department of Education’s student loan forgiveness program. [CNN]
  • Here’s a deep dive into Joe Biden’s messy history with crime legislation. [New York Times]
  • Representative Duncan Hunter allegedly used campaign funds to finance his affairs with congressional aides, lobbyists, and even a congresswoman. Yike! [Politico]
  • The acting head of Customs and Border Protection is resigning after public outrage over news of sick migrant children in U.S. custody living in squalid and dangerous conditions. [New York Times]
  • Mexico is starting to crack down on its Southern border, potentially blocking asylum-seekers hoping to reach the United States. [New York Times]

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish:

This has been Barf Bag.

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