Miami Swim Week 2022: Armed Models, Ninja Turtle Pecs, and a Vagina Moth

Dozens of designers took to Florida’s most tolerable city to present bathing suits that were... anything but bathing suits.

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Photo: Getty Images

Welcome to Miami Fashion Week where the models are hot, the colors are bright and the bathing suits...come with guns? More on that (well, as much more as we could figure out) later.

Over 70 different swimwear designers took to Florida’s most tolerable city to present their latest collections, and they ranged from the expected to the feathered to the bathing suits that weren’t bathing suits but were instead just string or electrical tape.

Diana Vreeland, the famed fashion editor who served as Editor-In-Chief of Vogue from 1963 to 1971, once called the bikini, or “swoonsuits,” “the most important thing since the atom bomb,” which is a wild way to say you think women’s bodies are hot. None of these looks are important, but they are fun, weird, and in some cases, very economical! Please enjoy.

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