Michelle Obama's Style Gets Read By Beck And O'Reilly


Bill O’Reilly had author and humorist Glenn Beck over to the Factor last night to talk First Lady fashion. “Did you see the dress she was wearing when she went down and toured the oil spill? Did you see it?”

The Dress was, said Beck, “the most Marie Antoinette I have ever seen, of anything, with Michelle Obama.” He went on to speculate that Obama must have chosen to wear the black-and-white patterned dress in order to “relate” to the spill. “It’s a designer Dress, all white, with black splotches on it.” Beck considers The Dress “an outrage.”

“An outrage?” asked O’Reilly.

“An outrage! Look at The Dress!” continued Beck.

Actually, Michelle Obama wasn’t wearing a dress at all. As can be seen clearly in Fox’s own video, the First Lady wore a patterned top and pants to visit Panama City Beach, Florida, this Monday. For what it’s worth, Mrs. O confirms the top was Thakoon. And actually, Obama wasn’t “touring the oil spill,” either — Panama City Beach hasn’t had any oil or tar wash up on its shores (yet?) and the local paper didn’t comment on her clothing other than to say she wore “casual attire.”

But look at those boys, giving Michelle Obama a style critique like they think they’re Anna Wintour on a re-see. How adorable.

Glenn Beck And Bill O’Reilly Discuss Michelle Obama’s Wardrobe [Daily Intel]

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