Miley Cyrus: Get the Look


She may have been persona non grata on the cover of Vogue, but Miley Cyrus was recently named to Elle‘s Best Dressed List, which essentially means that her personal style is not only worthy of praise, but also somewhat influential. So we’re here to tell you how to get her look. First, you’ll need a tongue.

Because she tends to keep her actual items of clothing down to a literal bare minimum, for Miley, it’s all about accessorizing—with black people. You better go get yourself some brown friends. Failing that, you can buy a “twerking twerk dance” foam finger for $9.95.

An enterprising individual on Etsy is selling the winter funeral hat Miley wore in the “We Can’t Stop Video” for $22. But if you want her netted crop top, you’ll have to put in a slight DIY effort by purchasing the tank for $46 and then taking a pair of scissors to it. To complete the look, you’ll have to get a grill, whether you like it or not. Prices vary, depending on how many teeth you want, the metal used, and how much bling you’re willing to wear in your mouth.

Dolly Parton has infamously said, “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap.” This does not apply when you are actually wearing money, which, it turns out, is quite an affordable look. The O-Mighty Cash Cash Bralet is $38.66, while the Cash Cash Skirt is $41.18. A Chanel backpack, however, will set you back considerably, but this one from Nasty Gal is similar enough and only $65.

One of Miley’s favorite silhouettes is a swing crop top with granny panties and thigh-high boots. It’s tough to find angora underpants, but there are a variety of high-waisted booty shorts at various raver stores for decent money. Similar sequined crop tops are available for $76 and $80. The boots are Christian Louboutin Monicarina and cost $2645. But you can always buy something cheaper (like these for $142.49) and take the extra step by painting the bottoms red. (Don’t do that, though.)

Working her fave silhouette again for her Today show performance, Miley wore an American Apparel poplin oversized crop button down ($46), white denim “cheeky” cutoffs (similar at Urban Outfitters, $54), and pink metallic Creepers ($84.50).

For her record release signing Miley wore an white American Apparel crop top ($32), tattered white denim pants (similar here for $403), her trusty Creepers ($59.95), a chunky link necklace (similar here for $89), black star pasties ($19.99), and fishnet panties, which can be purchased as part of a pajama set for $19.50, or you can get them for free at the hospital after you give birth.

During her SNL monologue Miley wore a vintage Versace skirt suit (altered to make the jacket shorter, natch). A red version of it can be yours for $826.07.

Here she is again in her trusty thigh-high boots and a Tony Alamo vintage denim jacket.

The great thing about business sexual is that you save on bras. The Meat Business Crop Top is $178.44, while the matching latex pants are $356.88. Her booties are Versace and cost $1395, but you can find similar booties on Amazon for $89.75.

Doing a high-low thing, Miley is wearing an Asos maxi dress that’s $37.97, a Versace bag that’s $2595, and Alaïa boots that are $1092. You can get boots that are sorta kinda similar for $70, and a bag for $84.38.

Miley was really into the Beetlejuice thing this year. From left: Motel Skinny Jordan Jean, $47.04; twerking in a Chanel jumpsuit (you can get something comparable from Forever 21 for $39.80); and a bra and skirt from Marc Jacobs Resort 2014 (similar-ish from Nasty Gal at $16.80).

Miley’s Ashish sweat-jeans, from the designer’s Spring 2013 collection, probably cost somewhere around $1000, but if you really want them that bad, you can literally just sew one leg of sweatpants and one leg of jeans together and boom you look super cool. Best-dressed list material. The T by Alexander Wang leather bralette is on sale right now for $262.50. Her KTZ Bomber Jacket (originally $485) is sold out, but you can get something similar (without the embroidery) from Nasty Gal for $88.

Miley made a mesmerizing video in which she twerked for several minutes dressed as a unicorn. The same unicorn onesie is available at Topshop for $72.

A rare spot of color in a wardrobe that’s been consistently black, white, and neutral for a solid year, Miley wore a look straight off the runway from Emilio Pucci’s Spring 2013 collection. You can still grab the Embroidered Silk Bomber Jacket at a discount for $2520, but in case you have plans to pay your rent or eat, there are other options at varying price points: $105.44, $215.02, and $747.64.

It’s very specific weather in which a cropped sweatshirt would be considered sensible. So if you live in that place, you can get her Dimepiece top for $64. The platform Converse are $64.99.

Miley walked around London without panties wearing pants—one half sheer and tight, the other half loose(ish) and opaque—by Jean Paul Gaultier. They cost $1318. Go nuts. We couldn’t provide a more affordable alternative even if we wanted to (and we don’t). She’s accessorizing with a Chanel belt, bag, and bracelet, all of which cost thousands of dollars, but you can mimic the belt look for as low $3. And you can get those old-people sunglasses on Amazon for $23.99.

Dr. Martens: $120. Wrecking ball optional (and not advised).

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