Milla Jovovich Is Still Sleeping in the Same Bed With Her Husband and 11- and 4-Year-Old Daughters


Milla Jovovich’s sleeping arrangement—a Frankensteinian assemblage of mattresses that holds her entire family night after night—apparently isn’t broke, so she’s not fixing it. With a guffaw, she said on Wednesday’s episode of The Wendy Williams Show that she still sleeps in the same bed with her daughters, 11 and 4, and husband, Resident Evil director Paul W.S. Anderson.

“The 11 year old… keeps sort of threatening to go to her own room at some point, but she’s like, ‘I know how lonely you’d get without me, so…’” said Jovovich, who was on to promote Hellboy. In 2015, Jovovich made news when she discussed her familial bed on the website Romy & the Bunnies. “We have been co-sleeping for years with our daughter and I feel that it’s helped us so much to stay connected as a family,” she said during that interview.

“Now, is that what they do… where you’re from?” asked Williams, in apparent reference to Jovovich’s birthplace of Kiev. Perfect Wendy question.

Jovovich did not confirm or deny whether that’s what they do… where she’s from, but she did describe the actual bedding setup that allows four humans to sleep comfortably. “We have a king size and a double, like pushed together,” she said. Her husband sleeps in the crack “always.”

“I feel like 95 percent of the world, people sleep together,” Jovovich said, ticking off Thailand, Indonesia, and Africa (all of Africa???) as places where families all sleep together. That’s some math. Repeating the practical reasons she shared in the 2015 interview, Jovovich told Williams, “For us it worked, because my husband and I, especially when we make movies together, we’re working 15 hours a day, we get to see the kids at lunch, but we don’t get that time to connect so sometimes nighttime is the only time to reconnect with the family.”

She said she and her husband have once-a-week date nights at hotels because, “Obviously when you share a bed, you gotta get creative about how you’re gonna make the next baby.” I hope she also gets creative about how she’s going to make the next bed. I’m not judging her for doing whatever parenting tricks work for her, but she’s a millionaire. Get a custom bed already and say goodbye to cracks forever!!!

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