Mindless National Guardsmen Cower Before Almighty Keke Palmer

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Mindless National Guardsmen Cower Before Almighty Keke Palmer

Tuesday afternoon, Keke Palmer was filmed pleading with the National Guard, who’d been sicced on Los Angeles protesters by Mayor Eric Garcetti, to recognize the humanity and justness of the movement happening before them. The National Guard looked obviously cowed as they waffled and refused, handing Palmer mindless excuses about their “duty” to guard the streets they blocked. “I’m also protecting some of these businesses,” he added, to which Palmer sighed with an exasperated, “OK… OK.”

In a video captured by NBC reporter Gadi Schwartz, Palmer and many other protesters confronted a troop of the National Guard in Los Angeles. She could be heard demanding they must rise up with the “community, with society,” to march with protesters and stop government oppression.

It was a speech that, delivered to most, could probably alter the course of history, but the National Guard looked anything but moved. One claimed he needed to remain in “patrol” of the area, continuing: “I absolutely support your guys’ right to protest. I absolutely support that, but we need to stay here because this is where all of our supplies are.”

The response was a craven one. Clutching their automatic weapons and tactical-grade riot suppression gear, it is exceedingly clear that the National Guard does not patrol the streets of Los Angeles, enforcing a strict and racist curfew, because they “support” the right to protest. Keke Palmer is just one of many exposing that moral failing. When the Guard finally agreed to take a knee at her behest, which drew some claps from onlooking protestors, Palmer could be heard off-camera declaring: “It’s not enough for me.” It isn’t enough, not in the slightest.

Lea Michele, who I am already sick of thinking about, has “apologized”:

A tip: “listening and learning” does not include an addendum that you “didn’t mean it that way.” It shows less growth than celebrities like Michele probably realize, and reads more like a manufactured PR statement stripped of context to be as influencer-ad friendly as possible. Also, an apology that includes the line, “Whether it was my privileged position and perspective that caused me to be perceived as insensitive or inappropriate,” is what’s known as the Real Housewives Apology—a.k.a., I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’m sorry that something I did made you feel bad. Ramona Singer or Lisa Rinna couldn’t have done it better themselves!


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