Monday, 8:48am


All day today/tomorrow, we’ll be posting dispatches (impressions, images) from our inaugural correspondents, Megan Carpentier and Choire Sicha. First up is Choire, who arrived in the capital last night and is ready for the insanity.

All quiet in Arlington, except for the power-walkers! Apparently people still do that. D.C.’s glory days were the 80s, and they never passed, which Burn After Reading exhibited quite nicely. (Brie-passing at parties!) So driving into DC last night was a trip. There were all these helpful big light-up signs that said “NO PARKING IN DC” and stuff like that, which was hilariously unuseful. We came in through NorthEast and can I just say something for our friend Sister Toldja? It was a black people party! Totally excellent. The thing about this inauguration is: yes white people will come in droves. But also they won’t leave NW, Chevy Chase and Arlington for one second. So they are easy to avoid. Also I saw a graffiti swastika in a rest stop bathroom on the way down but mid-day tomorrow, it will disappear when racism ends with our new awesome President.

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