More Criticism Of Nadya Suleman' Fertility Doctor; Publicist Quits


There’s news today on two professionals Nadya Suleman turned to for help with her octuplets. People are railing against Dr. Michael Kamrava, her fertility doctor, and, in unrelated news, Victor Munoz, her publicist, has quit.

There have been four malpractice suits filed against Kamrava since 1991, reports Time. Michael Verdi and his wife Eva Menen filed one of those lawsuits after receiving treatment from Kamrava in 1994. Verdi says Kamrava was rude and didn’t answer questions appropriately. “We did research and figured out he was doing a lot of stuff wrong. He overmedicated her and he was doing insemination when she wasn’t ovulating,” said Verdi. They stopped seeing the doctor after Menen did not get pregnant after three months. Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg, a fertility doctor who has known Kamrava for 20 years, speculates that the doctor began increasing the number of embryos he transferred because he was under pressure to up his success rate. Among patients younger than 35, Kamrava transferred an average of 3.5 embryos versus the nationwide average of 2.3. But, he had a 10% success rate versus a nationwide average of 39% of procedures resulting in live births.

In other news, Victor Munoz, Suleman’s second publicist has quit. “It just got to be too much,” says Munoz. “It’s pretty much a free for all over there right now. They are freaking out right now.” He added, “Nadya got real greedy. This woman is nuts.”


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