Mother Stays Winning

Pamela Anderson is the new (and fresh) face of Proenza Schouler, as is deserved.

Mother Stays Winning
Photo:Lev Radin, Proenza Schouler Instagram (Shutterstock)

You heard it here first: Pamela Anderson is officially both a bombshell and a bonafide fashion girlie now—in addition to being a mother, author, activist, and living pop culture icon, of course.

On Wednesday, Proenza Schouler unveiled their Spring 2024 campaign starring none other than the face of—in Jamie Lee Curtis’ words—“the natural beauty revolution,” herself. I know what you’re thinking. Pamela Anderson for Spring? Groundbreaking. Well, same! Naturally, she looks absolutely stunning—so much so that I am now considering bleaching my eyebrows and drawing them on as thin as Anderson’s.

In a series of shots posted on the luxury brand’s Instagram account, Anderson is seen serving hair, body, and face in various blazers and textured gowns. Clean lines and bold craftsmanship, as the brand is known for, appear to be very much on the menu again for the spring season. This coat, for instance…I don’t know who needs to read this but I wouldn’t turn it down if it were sent to my doorstep.

The campaign is hardly Anderson’s first. Last September, she appeared in a Marc Jacobs campaign, walked the red carpet at the 2023 Fashion Awards, opened a Boss runway show, and collaborated on a collection for Frankie’s Bikinis.

Effortless as ever, she’s also continued her commitment to a bare face and simple wardrobe in 2024, and in my opinion, she’s never looked better. Since her appearance at Paris Fashion Week in the fall, which prompted innumerable think-pieces and proclamations from her famous peers that Anderson is the catalyst for a no-makeup movement, she’s made headlines at every turn.

“I feel like it’s just freedom,” Anderson told Vogue last year of her newfound cosmetic-free life. “I don’t want to compete with the clothes.”

Frankly, I think the clothes need to worry about competing with her.

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