MSU Frat Bros Share Video of Sex Act with Seemingly Intoxicated Girl

MSU Frat Bros Share Video of Sex Act with Seemingly Intoxicated Girl

A short video clip of a seemingly intoxicated woman performing oral sex on a man while he asks her, “What’s the best fraternity at MSU?” is working its way through the internet social app latrines like Yik Yak and Sneak.

A link to the footage appeared on Reddit seven days ago and has racked up nearly 25,000 views.

The woman in video does not respond to the man’s question about the fraternity. When asked again, mid- sex act, she responds, “Pike,” the nickname given to the fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha. The fraternity has had a chapter at Michigan State since 1987; the school’s site describes its membership as “composed of men who share similar ideals of friendship, truth, honor, and loyalty.”

In the video, the woman’s voice is slurry and her eyes do not focus. The footage is shot inside a residential bathroom. The woman appears on her knees. Several men’s voices can be heard muffled in the background, likely from another room.

The video is believed to be shot by a Pi Kappa Alpha member and student of Michigan State University.

“It’s a very unfortunate situation,” Chris Kojaian, Pi Kappa Alpha president for MSU, told the State News last week. “We feel very bad for the girl in the video. We had absolutely nothing to do with the production or the distribution of the video and we don’t think it has anything to do with Michigan State University.”

When reached for further comment by Jezebel, Kojaian softened his denial over e-mail: “I am aware of sexually explicit footage going around,” he wrote, “but not anything that clearly shows an MSU student.”

A tipster and former sorority member with ties to Michigan State and the school’s Pi Kappa chapter sent Jezebel a link to the short video. “The video is getting passed around through Pike email list serves here in Michigan,” the tipster said in a phone conversation with Jezebel.

The video been removed from Yik Yak, the popular campus social media app, but remains on the anonymous video site We’ve embedded it below, with the woman’s face obscured.

Pi Kappa Alpha has a reputation across many college campuses as a top tier fraternity. It has also suspended several local chapters in recent years for drug dealing, hazing, posting nude pictures of women on Facebook, calling sorority sisters terrorist whores, and butt chugging.

In 2010, Tulane suspended their Pi Kappa Alpha chapter for pouring boiling water, vinegar, and wasabi sauce on pledges. Northern Illinois University suspended their chapter in 2012, after a 19-year-old pledge died following two hours of binge drinking.

UPDATE: Comment from W. Brent Phillips, senior marketing official from Pi Kappa Alpha’s national office: “After discussion with the local chapter and considering the comments on the video, the Fraternity does not believe this is a member of the Fraternity. Moreover, the video is an unfortunate attempt at defamation. The Fraternity regrets the crude display and lack of respect demonstrated to the woman in the video. It is inappropriate and certainly does not demonstrate treating people with dignity and respect. The Fraternity educates its members on expected standards of behavior and holds them accountable to those standards.”

Anna Merlan contributed to this story.

Image by Jim Cooke.

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