MTV To Stop Running Ads From Anti-Abortion Group


Recently, the group that’s behind some of the anti-abortion ads targeting African Americans (“The most dangerous place for African-American children is the womb”) claimed it was going to start running ads on MTV. MTV says that’s not true, though it apparently has no problem with similar ads from other groups.

The claim about increased advertising was made at a Bethesda, Maryland event fundraiser for Heroic Media headlined by Sarah Palin, who presented an award to Lila Rose (she of the Planned Parenthood “sting.”) A spokesperson for MTV has since told the Independent that’s not the case.

“Upon further review, it was hard for us [MTV] to separate some of the recent tactics of the organization behind the campaign and the ads themselves, so we [MTV] have opted to not accept them for air this time.”

MTV was already running Heroic Media ads (“Teen Angst” and “We Can Help”) after midnight, but will cease doing so. By “recent tactics,” they may mean the specifically race-baiting ads, which were taken down in New York after an outcry from the local community, and over which the mother of the child featured is suing.

Previously, we reported that a separate organization with a crisis pregnancy line was advertising during Teen Mom, which usually airs well before midnight. That group, Option Line, may not have directly placed ads exploiting race-related anxieties, but they’re the referral of choice for at least one group that did, The Radiance Foundation, responsible for the notorious ads referring to black children as “endangered species.” Presumably that was fine with MTV as long as no one made a stink about it. We’ve asked them about how they made that call and will update you when we hear back.

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