Much Like Ronnie & Sam, This Season Is "Done"


This season of the show was record-breaking for MTV as ratings were higher than, not only any series on the network ever but also, nearly every other show on television during its time slot. But even as an avid viewer, I’m beginning to wonder when (or if?) Jersey Shore will wane in popularity, given that its content, characters, and storylines have become completely rote. It’s like they’ve managed to make misogyny, sexual double standards, physical violence, and Ronnie’s troubled bowels seem down right ho hum. And ugh, the Sammi and Ronnie drama. I stopped caring about who’s right and who’s wrong in that relationship so long ago because everyone is so drunk all the time that it’s difficult to separate the ice cream from the bullshit.

The clip above is a perfect example of this. Nobody in that house—Sammi, Vinny, Ronnie, Deena, Deena’s friend, JWoww Roger, Roger’s gross pants, Snooki, Fake Pauly D—let alone the audience could understand what this argument was even about who why it made Ron cry. Sam put it best when she slurred, “Whatever. What are you gonna do, right?” No, actually, Vinny put it best when he slurred, “Wait…What?”

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