Naked Marc Jacobs Hawks Cologne; Thieves Rob Kate Moss

  • Here is Marc Jacobs and his new men’s perfume. It’s like Tom Ford and Juergen Teller had a meeting, and this is what they came up with. “We tried it with clothes, but it didn’t work,” claims Jacobs. [WWD]
  • A Barneys window Simon Doonan designed as a tribute to Iman features a collage of photos of the supermodel for a backdrop; apparently one of them is of Iman baring her breasts, and another is of a naked man. Imagine! Nudity in fashion! [P6]
  • Kate Moss, clad in a vintage-style swimsuit, made the June cover of Vogue Paris. [TLF]
  • Kate‘s London home was burgled. Thieves stole artwork, including an £80,000 Banksy painting; one 24-year-old man is being held in connection with the robbery. [BBC]
  • Salma Hayek donated her red, one-shouldered Gucci Première dress from Cannes to a charity auction benefiting Haiti. It raised about $21,000. [People]
  • David and Victoria Beckham star in the latest campaign for their respective fragrances, looking lovey-dovey. Snore. [TLF]
  • Diane von Furstenberg‘s brand-new Sao Paulo store has done over $1 million in business during its six weeks in operation. “You would not believe the numbers. You can’t believe how open the Brazilian customer is. She doesn’t care about the price. She buys it for herself. She buys it for her daughter. She buys it in every color. Then she buys it again because she lost it,” says the designer. She’s opening her first home store there, too. [WWD]
  • In this interview, Diane von Furstenberg refers to Bryant Park, the venue fashion week was forced to leave, as “the other horrible place.” This September will be fashion week’s first time at Lincoln Center. [DN]
  • Donna Karan applied for a liquor license for her Urban Zen Center, which is adjacent to her West Village studio. But one neighbor thinks the designer is out to “bother my family.” So that neighbor is trying to scuttle Karan’s plans by bribing NYU students with pizza and alcohol (ironic, right?) to turn up to the community board meeting. Astroturfing and NIMBY-ism, united at last. [The Cut]
  • In case you missed it here yesterday, the news that prosecutors plan to subpoena Naomi Campbell in order to get her to testify about blood diamonds she allegedly received from Charles Taylor has been picked up by the tabloids, Vogue, and by wire services. [Reuters, Sun, Vogue UK]
  • Naomi turns 40 tomorrow! Let’s hope with age comes wisdom. [DFR]
  • People liked Michelle Obama‘s Peter Soronen dress; the designer was surprised when she wore it, because he didn’t know if his gown would be her final choice. “Thankfully the first ladies did not duel in the fashion stakes with Margarita Zavala playing down the glitz and keeping to simple good mannerly lines, allowing Michelle to shine,” says an editor at Harper’s Bazaar. Yes, thankfully! We can only imagine what kind of a global crisis we would be in right now if the Mexican president’s wife had made a more ambitious choice of dress. [AP]
  • “Sources” say the New York Times will promote T‘s women’s fashion director, Anne Christensen, to become editor-in-chief of the title. She is said to have beaten out Horacio Silva, but only after Sally Singer of Vogue is rumored to have turned down T‘s offer. [WWD]
  • Accessories designer Devi Kroell has stepped down from the company she founded, and which bears her name. The Bartel family — the same Bartels that bought 12.5% of Lanvin‘s parent company late last year — has been Kroell’s financial backer since 2008. Ralph Bartel, the founder and former C.E.O. of Travelzoo, was named interim C.E.O.; his relationship with Kroell over the past months is said to have been strained. [WWD]
  • Fashionista tracked some influential style bloggers, taking into account things like traffic and mentions on Google News. [Fashionista]
  • You’ve heard of ice cream trucks, cupcake trucks, taco trucks, that Korean barbecue truck that Tweets its location — well, now there is a Christian Louboutin truck in Cannes. Just in case you need a pair of $790 shoes on the fly. [WWD]
  • Donatella Versace, who already employs Christopher Kane as the (freelance) creative director of Versus by Versace, and who has acted as a kind of mentor to the Scottish designer since his final year at Central St. Martins, may invest in his namesake company to help it grow. Given how Versace has spectacularly failed to grow at the same pace as formerly comparable brands like Dior and Gucci over the past 10 years, we’d be very wary of entering into any kind of business deal with Donatella. [On The Runway]
  • Jane Lauder, granddaughter of Estée and C.E.O. of the brand Origins, has put a 3,000 square foot one-bedroom apartment on the Upper East Side up for sale. Asking price: $8.9 million. [NYTimes]
  • In case that doesn’t tempt you, you could buy Richard Avedon‘s former home and studio, left intact by the most recent owner, Nicolas Sarkozy’s half-brother, for $11.95 million. [NYTimes]
  • Gap Inc. is apparently “reconsidering” its entire $275 million U.S. advertising buy for all three brands — Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic. [BW]
  • Aéropostale‘s revenue rose 14% in the last quarter, compared with the same period last year. Same-store sales were up 8%, and online sales grew 43%. [Crain’s]
  • Same-store sales at Ann Taylor rose 14%. Perhaps the retailer’s much-publicized and very ambitious plans to turn itself around are working? [Reuters]
  • It’s funny, even Yves Saint Laurent can’t really make a travel power adapter look attractive. Though it can charge $450 for it. [The Moment]
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