Nev Schulman Is Probably The Jerk Everyone Says He Is

Catfish producer Nev Schulman’s story about a fateful night where he had to “defend himself” by punching a woman is crumbling before his MTV-bankrolled eyes. The woman he assaulted has come forward with her own account of the incident and it’s exactly what everyone else is saying—except Nev.

Under the condition of anonymity, the woman Schulman attacked as a student at Sarah Lawrence College, which preempted his departure, had this to say to New York Magazine:

To be quite clear, Schulman’s account of the events of that night is as suspect as all his other endeavors. I attended the dance he mentions and saw that he was taking pictures of queer couples dancing and kissing without their permission. I talked to the Student Affairs liaison at the event, who I knew from my work study job, but nothing was done about it. I confronted him, and asked him to stop taking pictures. I didn’t tackle him and I certainly didn’t choke him with his camera strap. I tapped his shoulder and he turned and hit me out of nowhere, I went down and he held me in a head lock and repeatedly punched me while I tried to get free. The impact broke my glasses and the rest of the night was a blur. I got off the floor, talked to police, then went home to sleep. When I woke up the next day, my face was bruised, I was hurt, and a friend urged me to go to the hospital, which I did.
From the hospital, I was directed to legal services and received legal advice. I was advised not to press charges because it would be a difficult case to win, as I didn’t have any broken bones and it would be his word against mine. I also felt intimidated because his lawyer had been waiting for me in the parking lot after my legal meeting. I didn’t talk to him but it was clear that Nev’s family had the means to drag me through a lengthy court case. As an LBGT financial aid student I didn’t think the chance of getting justice looked good.

This doesn’t quite jibe with the quote Schulman’s publicist sent me yesterday via a cold email:

In college, I was in a situation where I was forced to defend myself, after being suddenly attacked. Charges were brought, but my case was almost immediately dismissed as this was clearly a case of self-defense. My post was meant to raise awareness and support for everyone affected by the awful abuses of domestic violence.

Noted. Also, selfie fail.

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