New Dating App Requires Even Less Effort in Hunt to Avoid Loneliness


Online dating is hard. And not because going on dates kind of sucks or because you’re constantly getting sexually harassed by strangers on the internet or because you feel like your soul/personality is slowly being commodified into something obscene and unrecognizable. I mean it’s hard because swiping through Tinder photos or trying to brainstorm places to go on dates takes effort and effort is the last thing you want to put forward on your quest to find a life partner or temporary bang mate, right? RIGHT.

Enter Whim, a new dating service aimed directly at the lazy-as-fuck. Whenever you get the sudden itch to go on a date, you just open the app and it will provide you with 3-5 potential mates. Decide you like one of them and Whim will ping the pair of you at 6pm with a suggested location of a date later that evening.

“Our solution eliminates the extensive search, targeting, messaging, and planning required by existing dating platforms (e.g., Tinder, Hinge, CMB), replacing that model with a dating-on-demand service that brings you curated, same-day dates with singles you have pre-approved,” says Whim, via The Daily Dot.

In other words, Whim is the perfect app for people whose turn-offs include trying, communicating and thinking things through.

The application could actually be the perfect answer to those moments when you fall down a rabbit hole of loneliness and feel like you’ll be suddenly crushed by your fear of dying alone unless you do something about it RIGHT NOW, but, unfortunately, those moments usually only happen between 1 and 5am and Whim can’t help you ’til evening. (Don’t worry, lonely heart insomniacs! Your own app is probably on the way!)

Image via Shutterstock.

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