New Jersey Meets Alabama in Bravo's Kooky New Show Jersey Belle


Now that noted loudmouth and Bravo TV Golden Girl Bethenny Frankel has slightly fallen from grace, the network has decided to fall back on publicist Jaime Primak Sullivan – she represents Chris Klein and Wayne Brady – for their dose of “unapologetic woman who likes to speak her mind” in their new series Jersey Belle.

Jersey Belle‘s premise seems to be about how hi-larious it is to watch New Jersey-born Sullivan try to live in her husband’s home state of Alabama. It looks like a pretty cut-and-dry Bravo classic, except for a weird twist at the end of the promo: Sullivan appears to suggest that she wants a fourth child so badly she’s going to adopt one from a random woman she meets who wants to have an abortion? I guess we’ll find out what the deal with that is in August when the show premieres.

Image via Bravo TV

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