New Jersey Pastor Who Told Congregation that Facebook Encourages Adultery Has Had Himself Some Of That Adultery


Mmm. Adultery to the tune of a three-way relationship with his wife and another male employee of his church. And it goes down nice and smooth.

Pastor Cedric Miller of the Living Word Christian Fellowship Church in the very Veronica Mars-y sounding Neptune Township, New Jersey, reportedly told dozens of church officials to delete their Facebook accounts or resign from their leadership positions. Facebook, in the opinion of the good reverend, leads to temptation, and temptation leads to doing the sex with people who are not your spouse.

It turns out that Pastor Miller has some good firsthand knowledge of non-monogamy, as he, his wife, and a male congregant reportedly engaged in a lengthy three-way affair some years ago. This information surfaced during the the time that the assistant was on trial for assault in 2003 and resurfaced again this week after Miller’s marriage saving social networking-related demands.

That the pastor didn’t disclose his own history and struggle with monogamy is telling. Exposing one’s own perceived failings can help a leader or teacher connect with those s/he’s trying to lead or teach, and Miller’s deliberate omission of these very pertinent facts seems like more hypocritical moral viscosity some have come to expect from hyper-rigid religious leaders.

It’s also telling that someone who preaches that monogamy is for everyone couldn’t live up to his own standards. I suppose it’s too much to ask for people to stop telling everyone else what they must and must not do with themselves.

Facebook-banning NJ Pastor Acknowledges Threesome” [Yahoo]

Image via Davor Pukljak/Shutterstock

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