New Kimye Wedding Photos Are Rationed Out


Now that the great national slightly-puzzling-fever-dream that was the Kimye wedding has drawn to a close, we as a society will go on receiving little scraps of media pertaining to the event until the moment we’re all swallowed up by the sea. So it was written, so it shall be.

Accordingly, E! has some exclusive photos of the event — but only a few; the network is rationing because they have to make the supply last for at least 200 years — which they have presented in blog form and also as a little PowerPoint video.

Here’s a photo of the newlyweds holding their baby. Why does Baby North always looked so concerned? Does she know something we don’t? Like classified government stuff? Probably.

And here’s a photo of Kanye addressing the throngs of Kardashian women before the nuptials. “ARE YOU SURE THERE WILL BE ENOUGH ATTENTION FOR EVERYONE?” bellows Kris while the rest look on with trepidation:

At one point in the wedding PowerPoint, the E! host says, “The pair stuck with tradition: both the bride and groom flew in separate jets from Paris and Florence and didn’t see each other ’til the altar.” Ah, yes. The separate jets tradition. I know that one.

If you’re interested in a picture of the hot priest wearing a fancy cape, E! has that too.

Images via E!.

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