New Music From Avril Lavigne Is Coming Out Very Soon


Here comes the only thing that could save the week: Avril Lavigne just anounced new music.

Lavigne revealed in a letter to her fans posted to her website that she is “so excited to be returning with new music” and her first new single off her forthcoming album, called “Head Above Water” will be out on September 19. That’s not even two weeks away! Honestly wasn’t expecting something so good to happen again so soon but here we are.

In the letter to her fans, Lavigne revealed much more than her career plans—she discussed her battle with Lyme disease as well:

“I have decided to be truthful about my struggle, open and more vulnerable than ever before. And to be honest, part of me doesn’t want to talk about being sick because I want it to all be behind me, but I know I have to. Because not only is it a part of my life, I need to bring awareness to the severity of Lyme Disease. A single bug bite can fuck you up hard. People aren’t aware that Lyme must be treated almost immediately. Often if they are aware, they go untreated simply because they can’t get a Lyme diagnosis! And even when they do get a diagnosis, a lot of times they simply can’t afford the treatment.”

Lavigne goes on to write, “I want more than ANYTHING to be back up on stage. To be holding my guitars and running around. To sing my heart out and travel around the world to see all of my fans. I will do EVERYTHING I can to get back up on stage, to travel, to sing to you, to work again.”

This is to be Lavigne’s first album in five years, which means I haven’t had new music to listen to as I cry on my stoop in the rain for a very long time.

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