New Spa Treatment Replicates Experience Of Listening To Music On A Vibrating Bed


After realizing there’s a sense that isn’t being properly exploited tended to in spas, Spa Illuminata in London unveiled the U.K.’s first “tactile sound table.”

Lucy Cavendish of the Daily Mail bravely offered to try the new treatment and shockingly enough, she has nothing but good things to say about the comped procedure. The spa recommends that you have another treatment first (Cavendish opted for a $177 facial and scalp massage), which makes sense because you need to be fully relaxed before laying still on a table and listening to funky sounds.

Supposedly 15-minutes on the sound table feels like getting three hours of sleep. The procedure takes place in a “cave-like room with the ceiling painted black and inset with tiny twinkling lights that made it look like a night sky” — almost like you’re just sleeping! The table looks like a regular massage table, but it releases “gentle harmonic vibrations with sonic frequencies,” which stimulate nerve endings. After putting on headphones that play more sonic frequencies, Cavendish fired up the bed. She says:

Each vibration passes through you in big comforting waves. Listening to the music, eyes closed, I drifted off into a state of semi-consciousness. I was amazed when my therapist came to collect me saying I’d been there for 30 minutes – it felt like five.

She admits that the experience wasn’t quite as refreshing as six hours sleep, but $70 is a small price to pay for a somewhat refreshing experience. However, if that’s still out of your price range, for two easy payments of $29.95, I will escort you to your very own massage chair in Brookstone and aim a sleep sound machine in your general direction.

Treatment Of The Week: The 15-Minute Treatment That’s ‘Equivalent To Three Hours’ Sleep’ [Daily Mail]

Image via wavebreakmedia ltd/Shutterstock.

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