New York City Now Has a 24-Hour ATM That Dispenses Cupcakes

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If you were to ask a cross-section of New Yorkers what’s the single product in existence they’d most like to see dispensed from a 24-Hour ATM, what would be the over/under on the number of people who’d say cupcakes? Has to be 75%, lowball, right? Well, today that nascent dream is a reality, my friends.

Yesterday, the world’s New York’s first (whoops!) Cupcake ATM opened for business on Lexington Avenue. A product of Sprinkles Bakery, the line apparently formed for the ATM before the shop even opened at 9 AM, and remained at a consistent 12-15 customers deep throughout the entire day as customers waited to punch in their orders on a touchscreen and watch a mechanical arm snag their delicious dessert treats. Here’s a video of it in action:

The best part of that article:

Mary Ann, 65, stopped by Sprinkles in the morning before the machine was up and running two buy two cupcakes, but came back in the afternoon to try out the ATM. She said she makes frequent trips to New York City from North Carolina to look after her friend’s dog.
“I can look forward to this every time I come back now,” said Mary Ann, who declined to give her last name.

Boldface mine, because seriously, she was so embarrassed that she refused to give her last name, like she’s the Hamburglar of cupcakes or something. Such is the power of the Cupcake ATM.

Image via AP.

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