New York Times's Andrew Goldman Temporarily Suspended for Sexist Comments


Andrew Goldman will not be asking any women if they slept their way to the top for at least one month.

“In light of his recent comments on Twitter, Andrew will not be contributing the Talk column to the Magazine for four weeks, beginning Oct. 28. He’ll be back with the column after that,‪‪” Times Magazine editor Hugo Lindgren told the New York Observer through a spokesperson.

Times public editor Margaret Sullivan, who initially called Goldman out for some of his work but mostly for getting into a Twitter argument with Jennifer Weiner, has also reinforced the paper’s social media guidelines. They are basically “don’t be a dick.”

“Be thoughtful. Take care that nothing you say online will undercut your credibility as a journalist. Newsroom staff members should avoid editorializing or promoting political views. And we should be civil – even to critics – and avoid personal attacks and offensive remarks,” Philip B. Corbett, the associate managing editor for standards, said in a memo included in her post. “When in doubt, ask yourself if a given action might damage The Times’s reputation. If so, it’s probably a bad idea.”

Also a bad idea: telling an accomplished author that you think she wishes she was hot enough to sleep her way to success.

Andrew Goldman Suspended From New York Times [NYO]

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