Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Lustily Declare Their Love on 'All Eyes On You'


Contrary to the crazed ramblings and specious conclusions of some people, the love affair between our queen Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill seems to be going strong as ever. In their new collaboration for Meek’s forthcoming album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, they trade bars on how they’re bad and real and have hits but mostly it’s dancing around the subject, the subject being that Meek and Minaj are publicly declaring their love, and also definitely bone seventy-’leven times per day. *prayer hands*

To be honest, neither of them are showcasing their best verbal skills, nor are they dropping their best lyrics on this—it’s more of a show of chemistry, and an exhortation to find The One immediately; it is a flex. Accordingly, Minaj ‘grammed several outtakes from the forthcoming video, and aside from the requisite product placement (Bobbi Brown, Myx Moscato), it appears to be mostly about looking hella fine in a denim bikini and shooting bedroom eyes across a pool at the man she’ll maybe marry one day.

This is where I experience my bimonthly lament that Chris Brown is actual basura, because I adore the tone of his voice, but also cannot separate it from the fact that he is actual basura. Perhaps someone with a better voice—a woman, maybe—will do a remix and sing Brown’s parts.

Here’s some more Minaj, looking impossibly fly. Mom, it’s not fair!

Just chilling in the shallow end, drinking my signature grocery wine, wearing this body chain, waiting for my man.

Dreams Worth More Than Money is out June 29.

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