Nicki Minaj's Dancer Describes Being Chomped by a Snake at the VMAs

Genise Ruidiaz, a contortionist and dancer, was slated to perform in Nicki Minaj‘s “Anaconda” routine at the VMAs while holding a live boa constrictor. The snake idea was scrapped before the live show, however, because it BIT RUIDIAZ DURING REHEARSAL WITH ITS BIG SNAKE MOUTH. And then the replacement snake bit a trainer while it was still wrapped around Ruidiaz. Nope, nope, noooooooope.

So how did it feel the first time the snake was wrapped about you?
The feeling of having this creature – this reptile that is all muscle — work his way around my body was insane. I was so happy I did it, it was an incredible feeling. I felt so comfortable. I was even thanking the creative director for letting me do this, and thinking I might actually want buy my own snake.
But then…
I didn’t have the snake on the next day of rehearsal so I kind of missed Rocky actually, and I couldn’t wait to see him again.
On Friday, the day that it happened, I was practicing the tricks with another contortionist and coming up with an alternate poses, and the snake was fine. We did it about four times before the incident happened and he was gripping me the way he was supposed to, but I felt like he was getting tired and didn’t want to hold on much.
The trainers told me the only reason a snake would attack, is if they felt like they were at harm, so I tried to readjust to make sure that he felt safe on me. But right when I did one trick, I guess he must’ve felt I wasn’t holding onto him, so he went ahead and took a nice little bite out of my left arm.
That’s pretty terrifying. How did you react?
Thankfully, when it happened I didn’t try to take the snake off me and scream and throw my arms up in the arm. I stood still. I went into complete shock. I was trying to focus on my breathing, instead of getting the snake off, because he was still wrapped around me. I thought that if I controlled my breathing and fear of what just happened he would calm down and let go of me, but he didn’t. He was holding onto my arm for dear life. He definitely had his mouth around my arm for a good 45 seconds, but to me it felt like an hour.
What does a snake bite actually feel like?
To be honest, it really didn’t hurt at all. It literally felt like getting a shot, but imagine 40 needles sticking you at once and then leaving.

THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO THE STORY IF YOU CLICK THROUGH. I am not even scared of snakes, man, but I don’t need big wild animals biting on me with their needle-teeth while I’m trying to do my job. You know? DANG. [MTV]

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