Not Even Christina Hendricks Is Safe From Photoshop


In the new issue of Ok! magazine, there’s a “behind the scenes” spread of Christina Hendricks at her photoshoot for London Fog. The unretouched shots show just how much the ad folks altered Hendricks’ famous curves.

The spread in Ok! features a few different photographs, including ones in which Christina is wearing the leopard-print trench coat.

While these are not the same image, it is the same coat. And it’s clear that in the final ad (on the left), Hendricks’ waist and hips have been narrowed considerably.

When you outline her hourglass shape in the ad on the left, and lay it over the untouched image on the right, it becomes obvious that her waist-to-hip ratio wasn’t good enough for the coat company. She was made more svelte.

Here, the ad is compared to another shot of Christina Hendricks in the leopard coat. Even with the stylist in the way, it’s evident that her actual hips are wider than the hips depicted in the London Fog ad.

Here’s a third view, where it’s apparent how much her waist was cinched — digitally, and not by the coat’s belt.

When the untouched image is layered over the ad, matching up the curve of her hip on the left, the lower right side displays how her hips and legs were chopped.

We cover lots of Photoshop disasters, but this one really stings: We’d ordinarily applaud the company for hiring a curvy, voluptous model instead of the usual rail-thin types we’re inundated with. But why would London Fog choose an actress known for her fantastic, fleshy figure — and then change that figure into a less wide and therefore more “acceptable” shape? We haven’t the foggiest. Showcasing Christina Hendricks’ body in the media sends a message that there isn’t just one way — lanky, thin, runway model-esque — to be sexy. And with the wave of a mouse in Photoshop, London Fog negates that message.

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