Now the Authorities Are Involved With Armie Hammer's Finsta

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Now the Authorities Are Involved With Armie Hammer's Finsta
Image:Chris Delmas/AFP (Getty Images)

Armie Hammer, star of Call Me By Your Name and alleged cannibal/abuser, was investigated by the Grand Cayman authorities after posting “inappropriate” footage of a woman he initially identified as “Ms. Cayman” in his private Instagram.

Page Six says it confirmed Hammer’s encounter with police:

“’On January 15, 2021, the RCIPS received an allegation of misuse of ICT in relation to a suggestive video which had been posted on social media,’ police told Page Six in a statement. ‘Officers investigated the matter and spoke to the suspect, who was warned about his conduct, in accordance with the wishes of the complainant.’”

Hammer was not arrested or anything like that, but this does add another sordid layer to the recent flood of news concerning the actor’s hectic and possibly disturbing personal life.

While Hammer may or may not want to eat people, the most salient charge against him for now is from app founder Courtney Vucekovich, who alleges that Hammer was emotionally abusive and prone to coercion and manipulation, both sexual and emotional. [Page Six]

Everything—from the gloves to the “End Racism By Any Means Necessary” shirt to the night sunglasses to the lack of pants to, of course, the bulging trash bags—is very spiritually Me Today, excepting that after the last four years the best I’d be able to do is kick the trash down the stairs until it exploded into a hot puddle of straw-colored wigs and racist immigration policies and partially-eaten McNuggets, at which point I’d probably shrug and wait for the raccoons to come deal with it.

Thanks to Rihanna, as always, for doing the job right.

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