Now There's Temple Run for Your Vagina


Kegels can be a necessary part of one’s routine (for everyone, but I don’t do them because I always forget — stop picturing it, gross), but they’re also time-consuming and kind of boring and difficult. Enter a new app that will change all that, turning your kegels into a joyous gaming experience like no other.

The app is called Skea (Smart Kegel Exercise App) and it’s in its fundraising stage right now. The idea is sort of like a FitBit in that there’s an app and an apparatus, but instead of giving you a couple of flowers for every thousand steps that you walk, this app will allow anyone with a desire to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles to turn their exercising into an exciting adventure filled with danger and intrigue. The Daily Dot reports that the game, which will be remarkably similar to Temple Run will task the protagonist to run around obstacles including “Rabbit Leg-pullers,” “Lava leaks,” and something called “Collagen Elixirs.”

The game, which is entitled Alice in Content, was designed by Tom Chen and Linkcube and was a response to his wife’s difficult experience with incontinence after childbirth. The game offers not only a visual response to performing the exercises correctly, but also sends what (I imagine) a pleasurable sensation to confirm that the kegel has been properly completed.

The Daily Dot points out that while kegel exercises are important (for urinary control as well as more intense orgasms) (and also better erections if you are male), you shouldn’t try to sneak in a quick workout on the train. Probably because the subway rumbles too much and you will lose your concentration. Probably.

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