Nude Selfie-Taking Lawyer Advocates for Nude Selfie Takers Everywhere


If you’re part of the small subset of people who pay attention to both Delaware and the law community in Delaware, I won’t need to remind you who Brian Zulberti is. For the rest of you, Brian Zulberti is a man who likes to put the lawyers of Delaware on blast with emails about how he should be hired that included a request to “Google me” – when Googling him quite easily turns up pictures of him in less than the usual amount of clothes. Zulberti’s latest email missive explains that he’s recently dedicated himself to “an important social cause”: helping people who get fired for doing controversial things on social media.

According to Above the Law, Zulberti is really putting his money where his mouth is. He’s campaigning for workplace justice everywhere while keeping his site NSFW (if NSFW at your office means Do Not Look At Pictures of Some Rando’s Dick). Here’s part of his latest email sent to lawyers around Delaware:

The problem is simple. Americans everywhere, especially professionals such as ourselves, are being fired for posting things through social media that are completely legal and have no tangible relevance whatsoever to their performance at work. The result has been the rise of the nonsensical belief that employers have the right to deem all of their employees as the “face of the company” during every waking moment of their lives. The further result is that each and every one of us, as attorneys, is faced with the decision to either fit into the expectations of how we behave in our private lives, or face the very real specter of devastating workplace consequences.
This is wrong, and I have been working full time since the end of July, thanks in large part to generous donations from supporters and fans, to draw attention to this movement.

In an Unofficial Response to Above the Law blogger Staci Zaretsky, Zulberti thanked the website for redacting his photos in such a way that his penis looked particularly large, writing, “I mean, you could have redacted an elephant with the size of the black box she used. God damn, I know I am going to get lots of dates now. Thanks Staci! <3." Zulberti's Official Response comes by way of video message, which looks like it was shot in a college dorm room.

What else should we know about Zulberti? He has a carefully curated list of links on his site of news articles about people around the country who have been fired for social media transgressions. He writes blog posts with titles like “Society should get its priorities straight- and suck a dick” (Word. I agree.) and “A straight man’s journey towards appreciating Desperate Housewives!” (Exclamation point very necessary!) And he is a sensitive man, like all the rest:


Lawyer Tries To Start Social Media Movement By Posting Pictures Of His Penis Online [Above the Law]

Image via Brian Zulberti

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