Nude Supermodel Aims To Foster Self-Esteem; Kelly Cutrone Has Choice Words For Dudes Who Dump Her

  • Aussie model and former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins posed naked for the cover of Marie Claire‘s Australian edition. This may surprise you, but her photo wasn’t Photoshopped. The issue, which goes on sale today, benefits an eating disorder foundation. [TheAge]
  • Six readers recruited by Brigitte magazine for its new, professional model-free format, are shot in the new issue. Which, if you read German, you can check out online here. [Independent]
  • Balenciaga‘s spring campaign features three models — none of them Jennifer Connelly — placed like paper dolls overlapping one another in a grey studio. [Fashionologie]
  • Nicole Richie guest-judges one episode of Project Runway during the upcoming season. According to this brief clip, she has designing wisdom to share, such as, “I think you have to have a theme. A vibe. A feeling.” [E!]
  • P. Diddy is suing the landlord of his New York flagship Sean John store for $2.5 million, claiming that scaffolding around the entrance has negatively impacted his foot traffic. Diddy says sales since 2006, when the scaffolding appeared, are down nearly 50%. Shhh! Nobody mention the recession. [TMZ]
  • Kelly Cutrone, on the origins of the name Kell On Earth, her new reality show: “So, the last guy that broke up with me was like, ‘You wanna know what? If you get your own TV show, you should call it Kell On Earth. Because that’s what it was like living with you.’ And I was like, ‘I really wanna cry, but I have to run upstairs and go trademark the name so I can get my own show on Bravo.'” [Bravo]
  • Cutrone is also writing a book, called If You Have To Cry, Go Outside…And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You, with reporter Meredith Bryan. Bryan apparently got the gig on the strength of a 2008 New York Observer profile, of which we were admittedly fond. She also discusses the Ashley Dupré incident in the book. Will she quit P.R., now that she has television and writing opportunities? In a word, no: “Do I want to stick around when I’m making a fortune writing books and producing television, taking shit from a designer who pays $6,000 a month who doesn’t want to pay their bills for three months? No. Does being on TV and writing books give me the freedom to kick their asses out of my office before they fuck me over? Yeah. That’s the reality.” [WWD]
  • Nicola Formichetti, one of our favorite stylists and a collaborator with Lady Gaga, says the songstress is “so different” from other stars. “There’s way too much celebrity in fashion. I don’t really like working with celebrities, so I try to stay away from that whole machine. But of course I have met some incredibly nice and creative people who just happen to be a ‘celebrity.'” [T]
  • Turns out the Ralph Bartel, founder of TravelZoo, was Lanvin‘s anonymous minority investor. [WWD]
  • Ladies, I know we’ve been awaiting instruction from our menfolk on the key matter of personal grooming and self-expression that is makeup, and here it is at last! British dudes say: no blue eyeshadow. No foundation tidemarks. Easy on the blush already. And, lastly, no winged eyeliner. Are we clear on this? Great. [Daily Mail]
  • Target has launched a warehouse club shopping event, similar to competitors Wal-Mart’s Sam’s Club and Costco, but without membership fees or cards. Most excitingly, there is a division of the sale Target is calling its Treasure Hunt: super-cheap merchandise from brands not normally sold at Target, available only at 1,000 stores, and only while supplies last. Via Spiga handbags for $39.99-$149.90 and Acqua di Gio eau de toilette for twenty bucks are among the draws. [WWD]
  • Nordstrom Rack will get its first Manhattan location, in the Union Square site of the old Virgin Megastore, starting May 11. [Shophound]
  • And an Armani hotel will open this March in Dubai, in the world’s tallest building. [WWD]
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