Nurse Who Survived Ebola Has to Restart Her Wedding Plans from Scratch


Nurse Amber Vinson, one of the Americans unfortunate enough to contract Ebola, is finally out of danger and healing fast. But now she has to restart her wedding planning. What more will the fates demand from this poor woman???

CNN snagged an interview with the survivor, who told them, “It takes so much out of you. It really does. It is very draining. And even now… walking a short distance, I get short of breath.” About her experience, she added, “It’s a struggle. You’re fighting for your life.” She also criticized the CDC for throwing her under the bus and called for more training for hospital employees.

Anyway, Cosmo points out (“How Authorities Ruined This Ebola Survivor’s Wedding: She survived Ebola and it just keeps getting worse”) what matters most here, which is that the bride-to-be’s wedding plans were also part of the collateral damage. Says CNN:

For the 29-year-old nurse, it’s also time to get her life back on track.
After her diagnosis with Ebola, cleanup crews destroyed her engagement ring and the wedding binder she used to plan her upcoming nuptials.
“We’ve got to rebuild,” she said.

Losing your engagement ring must be at least a little heartbreaking but, in the grand scheme of things, she’s probably just thankful that SHE DIDN’T DIE OF FUCKING EBOLA. Besides, those binders are useless. For a truly successful wedding, you don’t need anything but Google Docs and a clear bill of health from the Centers for Disease Control.

Vinson plans to donate blood to help others stricken by the disease.

Photo via AP Images.

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