NYC Bodega Sells Plan B on Seamless Alongside Milk and Gluten-Free Noodles


A Manhattan bodega has made buying Plan B pills as easy as rolling over in bed and ordering a box through Seamless.

Logic: It is called emergency contraception, and ambulances come to you during emergencies, so why not Plan B?

DNAInfo reports:

Corner Grocers, at 140 Orchard St., has recently listed Plan B One Step — at a 50 percent markup from its average over-the-counter price — along with high-end products like gluten- and wheat-free noodles, coconut milk ice cream, and Cafe Grumpy cold brew, as one Reddit thread noted.

The menu description on the store’s Seamless page reads: “Emergency Contraceptive Reduces Chance of Pregnancy after Unprotected Sex – Not for Regular Birth Control.” The catch is that the Plan B will run you $79.99, whereas Plan B costs $40 or $50 over the counter, but it’s useful if you don’t feel like walking to a pharmacy near you and would rather have your freedom to choose delivered to you à la carte.

According to The Cut, Corner Grocers said Plan B has been on their Seamless menu for at least six months. You can also buy egg nog, toilet paper and a Christmas tree at this store so clearly it rules.

A quick search of Seamless reveals that Plan B was/is available at Go Puff in Washington, D.C. and Candyman Vending in Houston but it doesn’t appear to be on a ton of menus. The Plan B delivery option is of course a luxury since, while Seamless is available in over 450 cities, there are still people who stare at me quizzically when I’m out of town and I mention its existence—or even when I’m in, like, Queens.

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