Obama-esque Satan Actor 'Cast Out' of Biblical Film


Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, the producers of the History Channel series “The Bible” — which is based off of a little-known book of the same name — have “cast out” Satan from another Bible-themed movie of theirs.

Yes, it’s true: Satan will not appear in their forthcoming Son of God film, which utilizes some footage from the biblical miniseries. This has likely occurred for two reasons: 1) casting out Satan is very on-brand for a movie about Jesus and, 2) a lot of people thought that Satan from “The Bible” miniseries resembled President Obama.

When Satan first showed his evil visage in “The Bible” nearly a year ago, denizens of Twitter — including, of course, Glenn Beck — were quick to point out that he looked a lot like the President (the History Channel quickly released a statement in response, in which they expressed regret over the Internet comparisons). In an interview with The Blaze, Downey says she was “disappointed, disheartened and surprised” by the comments and tweets:

It was the third week of ‘The Bible’ series when Jesus finally appeared. There was great excitement that Jesus was coming — trailers and talk shows and even Twitter was buzzing with anticipation. So Jesus came onto the screen and people went wild. He was beautiful and strong and kind and compassionate — everything we hoped for…
[The Obama comparisons were] all over TV and all over the Internet and that next day, when I was sure everyone would be only talking about Jesus. They were all talking about Satan instead. I was saddened. It was really disappointing, because it became such a distraction and then it became ugly and people were making such nasty statements.

“I knew it was just like Satan the narcissist to make it all about him and create division,” she added. “I am sure Satan loved being the center of attention for a day.”

I really this statement because it makes Satan sound like a conniving mean girl on a reality TV program. In hell, Satan is in a video confession booth very smugly saying, “I knew that Jesus was going to be on the History Channel miniseries for the first time on Sunday, so I sent sent an Obama-looking guy dressed up as me to steal the attention back.” Classic Satan. Taking a lil’ break from tormenting wretched souls for all of eternity in order ensure that the actor playing Jesus gets no social media love.

“It absolutely gives me great pleasure to tell you that the devil is on the cutting room floor,” states Downey. Looks like Satan won’t be hogging the spotlight this time around.

Image via History Channel.

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