Old Navy's "New Look" Brought Out Outfits Both Good And Bad


Last night in New York, Old Navy had a big ol’ party to celebrate the retailer’s “new look,” which is supposedly super fashion-forward. (Does this mean no more drawstring shorts?) A terrifingly-dressed Natasha Bedingfield headlined the event, and also in attendance were Ugly Betty‘s Becki Newton (above left), and Sophia Bush and Kristen Bell, both of whom looked great. See ’em all and more with the full good, bad, and ugly, after the jump.

The Good:

Sophia Bush looks va-va-va-voom!

Blake Lively as she should be: Casual, fresh, and age-appropriate. Xoxo, Gossip Girl.

Our little Veronica Mars is all grown up! Kristen Bell looks super sophisticated in this gray sheath.

I know that Heatherette designers Trevor Raines and Richie Rich aren’t traditional picks for “The Good” category, but you gotta admire the boys’ consistency. They’ve been rockin this look for what, 20 years now?

The Bad:

Hayden Panettiere looks totally uncomfortable and totally old in this ensemble. Loosen up, lady.

Paula Garces looks straight out of 1996. I don’t have fond memories of 1996.

Doesn’t Bethanny Frankel’s blouse look like it could have been designed by Project Runway‘s Christian? Oh, those sleeves! That plaid! Ugh. Also, do not show your stomach on the red carpet, please.

Why must maternity designer Liz Lange dress like Carol Brady?

The Ugly:

Seriously, what the fuck was Natasha Bedingfield thinking?

[New York, January 30. Images via INFDaily]

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