Once Again, It Is Keanu Reeves's Birthday

Once Again, It Is Keanu Reeves's Birthday
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Exactly one year ago today I wrote a blog post wishing Keanu Reeves a happy 54th birthday. Today, he is 55. Funny how that works.

Indeed, Reeves entered this world on September 2, 1964, and it is better for it. He’s had quite a year—a Keanussance, if you will, one in which he owned a Netflix movie scene to hell and ended up becoming the internet’s boyfriend.

And here is Reeves’s birthday horoscope, courtesy of Astrology dot com:

Even though it might feel as though too much is happening right now, you will still be able to savor every single drop of the goodwill that is coming your way. Friends and family members are heaping the loving vibes onto you, causing you to blush and smile. When they extend their gratitude or compliments to you, give your positive emotions right back. After you thank them for their kind words, let them know how great they are.

Keanu, you are beloved, even by Astrology dot com. Please have a very happy birthday.

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