Oprah Gives Audience Trips To Australia, Causes Total Meltdown


Oprah’s final season premiered today, and to mark the event, her audience screamed for essentially the entire hour. However, nothing compared to the total meltdown that ensued after Oprah revealed she’s taking them all to Australia later this year.

It didn’t help that it took Oprah nearly six minutes to spit it the news, starting with a recap of a trip she took with her audience to Philadelphia years ago then a long-winded explanation of how she picked the land down under.

Since the audience members were weeping and jumping out of their seats before she even announced where they’re going, the fake plane busting onto the set seemed a little anti-climactic. (Perhaps because she tricked fans into driving their car straight onto the stage earlier in the episode.) John Travolta must have felt a bit hurt that his goofy pilot costume didn’t get a bigger reaction.

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