Oprah: Jessica Simpson On Being A "Fat" Size 4


In recent years, tabloid media evolved its perception of Jessica Simpson, turning her from sex symbol to fat, farting divorcée to football curseworth a lay. Simpson took the high road by responding exclusively to Oprah.

Despite the fact that she’s been confused about things like tuna and buffalo wings in the past, it’s kind of nice to see that Jessica Simpson has most of her shit worked out with regards to body image, beauty standards, and the ridiculousness of the media picking on someone for wearing mom jeans that made her look “fat”. Jessica talked about how difficult it was to be picked on for her weight, but said that she didn’t want to discuss it publicly or defend the way she looked in her mom jeans, because she didn’t want women who are the same size or bigger than she is to be made to feel bad themselves. I’m not saying that ridicule is ever a good thing, but the silver lining is that it seems to have changed Jessica Simpson for the better, and opened up a conversation about the inanity of how narrow the definition is—particularly for celebrity women—of what constitutes an acceptable size. Too many bagels, people start wondering if you’re pregnant. But take it too far, and people will start condescendingly pleading for you to eat a sandwich. It’s sick. And stupid. In fact, it’s so stupid that it makes Jessica Simpson sound brilliant.

Additionally, Jess talked about John Mayer’s Playboy interview, in which he compared sex with her to “crack cocaine.” (BTW, I hate when people say “crack cocaine.” Crack is cocaine, it’s just a really cheap, cooked version of it.) Jessica said that John apologized—an apology she didn’t respond to nor accept— via text or email.

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